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Started: 08/2007
First flight: 02.10.2011.DarkRiver's Mini-NG
Status: stable, relesed, active
Price/EUR: ca. 440
Distribution: DIY
Sourcecode available:
Sourcecode license:
Schematics available:
Schematics license:
PCB layouts available:
MCUs: 2x ATMega, 1x LPC2148
Gyro Acc GPS Compass Pressure DSL Temp
MEMS Opt Opt Opt Y 4x Y
Flight modes
Y Y ? Y Y Dev
Tri Quadro Hexa Octo >Octo
+ x Y + V
Opt Y Y Y Y Y Y Opt Y

Next Generation UAVP stands for Next Generation Universal Areal Video Plattform. It is an effort by a group of enthusiasts to create an Open Source autonomous UAV for fun flying, photography and experimentation. It was born out of the [UAVP] project, but by now it has technologically nothing to do with its predecessor.


The UAVP-NG project started in August 2007. At that time there were some plattforms already avalable but lacked performance and future perspective. Amir Guindehi led a group of enthusiasts to creation of a more powerful and versatile plattform. Currently the project is still under development, a lot of work is being done behind the scenes and waits for a soon release to the broad public.


The NGOS allows near-realtime closed-loop control of a Quadcopter's attitude and altitude stabilization while using the remaining processor time for a non-preemtive task scheduler doing fair round-robin of cooperative non-realtime tasks. ;-)

It uses a modular, plugable extension framework for closed-loop control algorithms, called Controllers, and allows for several of them implemented at the same time using a simple abstract programming interface. This allows simple extensions of the system's closed-loop control algorithms by peoples not used to firmware and system programming.

The modular controller framework is coupled with a modular configuration framework, allowing each Controller to have a different set of Parameters in different Configurations.

The system allows multiple shells and their spawned commands to be used concurrently on the different physical i/o devices. The shell command interface is also very modular and allows developers the fast addition of new commands for debugging and testing purposes. Controllers and Configurations can be manipulated online using one of the several shells.

The Controllers output the results of their calculations to a physical abstraction layer called Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) which uses a similar modular framework as the controllers. Different multicopter models (eg. QuadCopter, OktoCopter et all) can be implemented and flown using different HALs.

The above is tightly coupled with a behavior system which allows the user to configure arbitrary behavior rules using simple behavior conditions and behavior actions using on of the shells.


For a detailed list of the features check out the Features page.


You can find the full NG Documentation on the project's wiki.