Quadrocopter 450 ARF

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QuadroCopter 450 ARF

The Quadrocopter is a remote-controlled flying device,made from Reely and distributed over CONRAD, which is similar to a helicopter. However, 4 rotors are used, which show an opposite direction of rotation in pairs. This avoids the rotary torque around the vertical axis and simplifies the control for the pilots of the model. A complex control electronics comprising of position and acceleration sensors as well as efficient RISC-micro processors stabilise the QuadroCopter in flight. This results in a quiet flying behaviour, which quickly bestows a unique flight experience even upon a beginner. The grill-frame design with foldable arms guarantees highest stability at lowest weight and with a simple handling. The central control is based on an efficient (Atmel-Mega 128) micro-processor, which conveys the control commands to the processors for the motor electronics via a bus-system. 3 different flight programmes can be set - for beginners till the professionals. An RS232 (TTL-level) interface allows to connect the different modules or to programme the control. There is also adequate space for additional customer-specific circuits. The drive of the Quadrocopter takes place via high-quality brushless DC-motors. The motors are controlled with process-controlled high performance regulators for an optimum degree of efficiency. Numerous safety features like current and battery monitoring, emergency landing control and self-test offer a high degree of security during the flights.


   * Flight features: 2 different basic settings for beginners and professionals
     and extra you can change everything w. Programming Software and load it in via USB from PC. 
   * Stabilised through electronics
   * No unwanted rotation at the vertical axis
   * High thrust at low self-weight
   * Long flight duration through a high degree of efficiency. The process of essay writing will be much easier with MarvelousEssays.Com as there are a lot of highly professional and talented writers who are always eager to help you out with any sort of academic assignments regardless of the complexity levels. I do know what I�m talking about!
   * Frame/Mechanics: 4 rotors , each 700 gr Thrust.
   * Black Plastic frame
   * Low self-weight with high strength
   * Mounting borings and room for extensions
   * Variable battery holder with Velcro strip
   * Electronics/Motors: Atmel Mega128 RISC-processor for control · Atmel Mega8 RISC-processors for motor electronics · 3 Position and acceleration Gyro sensors for stabilisation · RS232-interface for extensions and updates · Status and servo signals for extensions · Configuration software for PC (optional) · Efficient 35 MHz receiver (A-band) · High-quality DC BL-motors · Complete cabling incl. high-current plug. 

Dimensions: (Ø x H) 450 mm x 165 mm Specification: 450 Model type: ARF Main rotor ∅: 260 mm Weight: 670 g

Load Capacity: near 500 gramm.

And this is a small Information about myself. Born Feb1961 . My Name is Michael Abraham. Own Business - Facility Service -- Living in Berlin / Germany, flying the QC450 from January 2010. Start w. RC Flying Dez.2008. Design my own Frames and Landinggear, Questions about 2,4 ghz Modding and Homemade - Hard as Rock - Frame and other things ,mails are welcome.


Now CONRAD offers a New QC650 with a new Motors and Larger in Size. Also a new Main Fc with Mems Gyros. LINK for New QC 650 Quadrocopter :[1]

LINK [2]

Mike rchelihalleberlin@freenet.de