Rate Mode

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  • In rate mode, the sticks of the transmitter control the angular velocity of the multicopter: E.g. sticks tilted 20° results in a multicopter that is rotates at a rate of 20° per second, hence the term rate mode as rotational rate is controlled. Sticks in the neutral position will stop any rotation of the multicopter, but will not bring it back to level flight automatically. This flight mode is very similar to standard rc helicopters and very is useful for aerobatics.
  • Mikrokopter use the term heading hold to describe this feature but this is extremely confusing as this term is already in use on RC Helicopters tail gyros which work in a different way. The "heading hold" feature of the MikroKopter controller works in the similar way as a rate mode gyro does on a helicopter tail gyro, the term rate mode clears up this confusion.
  • This movie demonstrates rate mode vs. self leveling flight: HH vs ACC