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Sorry can't find any sourcecode, schematics or board layouts. Incorrect information in table.


Content not accessible anymore and no mirror found.

Criteria that may need to be added

  • It doesn't make too much sense to have "Heading hold" and "ACC flight mode". Should be something like "angle control" and "angular velocity control". Or "heading hold" and "auto-level". The TT-Copter doesn't have an ACC and with some magic tricks it can still hover autonomously. My tricopter could also fly in Heading hold mode AND use it's ACCs at the same time to correct for drift. And my tricopter can also fly in "ACC flight mode" = auto-hover without an ACC (e.g. by using a different absolute reference). Ok, what I want to say is that "ACC flight mode" is misleading and not correct for some multicopters. --Willa 18:50, 10 December 2009 (CET)
  • Community Size (Lephisto) ([esden]well I think it is a good idea, we could get the data from the maps of qk users around the net. But we can only add the information to the projects having such maps. I am not sure if it is fair[/esden])
  • Toolchain for compiling(lephisto)
  • Groundstation tools available for WIN32/X11/OSX (lephisto
  • extendable (Amir/Esden)
  • multi-algorithm (Amir/Esden)
  • x-mode (Amir/Esden)
  • DSL Support (Amir/Esden)
  • Is a Community Project (Amir)


  • Split the Table vertically in more parts. It is just getting to wide for most monitors. :/ (Esden)
  • Split the Table horizontally in community projects and fully commercial ones? (Esden)

Information sources that may be relevant

Forum Threads considering the Table