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UAVX is a new UAVP flight control board and software.

The UAVX build and information thread is on RCGroups here:

The UAVX is the same board as UAVP and also truly open source code. This is the improved original UAVP board updated with a plug-in replacement 18F2620 PIC, which is also available with UAVX firmware pre-loaded.

The new UAVX firmware for the UAVP board is coded open source by Prof Greg Egan. It was first released 15 August 2009.:

  • ~$14.50 for the bare board,
  • ~$84.50 for the main board without sensors, (the board and UAVX firmware requires at least 3 gyros to fly),
  • ~$313~$406 for the board with 5 sensors, +$28 for baro + $14.50 for replacement 18F2620 PIC and
  • $38 for the GPS from which is located in California.

UAVX firmware, in addition to the altitude hold and ability to use both I2c and standard ESC’s, camera pitch and roll gyro stabilization and the ability to be configured with available firmware as a typical tilt servo tricopter options of the original UAVP, as a hexa and octo and more motors if desired. UAVX firmware also adds flight performance stability enhancements, GPS position hold and return to home capability, auto land and more.

It can be configured as a Tricopter with single arm in front or back, Quad in + or X mode, V-tail, Hexa flat, Hexa Coax, Octo flat, Octo Coax, and has a IMU Helicopter mode.

The consortium of UAVX community members are continually adding more features: